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HOZHO, scented care
with active energies for the home.

The HOZHO fragrance and energy ranges invite well-being and serenity with unique products designed to purify, harmonise and protect your home. Our demanding creations, handcrafted with top quality materials, offer an enchanting context, conducive to inner journey and harmony.

The Hozho spirit

“Tune our spaces with our lives in order to establish a harmonious relation with our environment.”

The Flames

soins parfumés maison

The Rains

soins énergisants maison

The Breezes

bijoux pour bougie

The Jewels

Connect to the
energy of HOZHO

Logo Hozho Paris

an absolute harmony

Borrowed from the Navajo language, Hozho means harmony. Mysterious and inspiring, Hozho invokes a necessary let go in order to celebrate these infinite moments. In order to dive into this moment of let go, the Amerindians have a secret: to commune with nature, drink up its powers and merge with its forces. The perfect self-awareness leads to a greater wisdom, capable to guide us through anything we cross. Hozo’s energetic range invites you to this both introspective and initiative journey…

The powers of plants…

The plants composing the scented products of the Hozho energetic range are for in the heart of the Basque Country. An expert hand, energetist and passionate about plants, cultures them in osmose with their environment, in this region where the earth forces of the sea, mountains and multiple other sources express themselves fully.

The Hozho Flames are shaped by hand by a wax master, around an innovative heart made of energetic plants, the fruit of a macerated plant introduce into a natural wax. Little by little as the candle burns, the plants in the heart of the candle start showing, revealing an original experience for each candle…

“To be in sync with the universe, with ourself and everything that surrounds us.”

Bougies Flammes Harmonisantes | Hozho Paris

Discover the life of HOZHO

Palo Santo and home purification

A sacred wood thousands of years old, Palo Santo is known in many cultures for its purifying and soothing properties.

Candle jewelry: enter the world of HOZHO

The candles and candle jewelry in our collections are a visual and olfactory spectacle that will accompany all your energetic intentions.

HOZHO, still present at Le Bon Marché Rive Gauche

We had the pleasure of participating in the temporary exhibition “Comme un Poisson dans l’Eau” for over two months.

Interior Wellness (Madame Figaro Magazine)