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5 tips for harmonizing your home and restoring well-being on a daily basis
24 Jul, 2023
how to armonize your home

Harmonizing your home is essential to maintaining a healthy, regenerating interior. The pace of modern life sometimes invades our living spaces and impacts our biological functioning. To preserve a healthy home, conducive to calm and energy renewal, there are certain rituals inspired by ancient peoples. These include fumigation with energetic plants and feng shui.

HOZHO, the world’s leading brand of active-energy home fragrance products, explains how to harmonize your home’s energies to restore well-being and serenity.

#1 Scented care to harmonize energies.

Aromatherapy is a recognized discipline based on the medical use of aromatic oils. This therapeutic practice involves ingesting, massaging, or inhaling essential plant oils or aromatic essences to treat the mind or body. In this branch of phytotherapy, medicinal plants have a direct curative impact on the individual and are not directly aimed at correcting a room’s energies.

Certain ancestral cultures, however, consider space as a collection of energies of different natures and intensities. These energies influence our moods and the fulfillment of our actions. To promote well-being, health and prosperity, the use of certain corrective ingredients is required. This is why Amerindian peoples perform purification rituals for the home or to harmonize energies. These rituals are generally fire ceremonies performed on the occasion of important life events, such as births, marriages or deaths. Moving into a new home can also be the occasion for a fumigation to ward off the negative energies of the previous occupants and promote the flow of positive energy.

Harmonizing home fragrance and candle, HOZHO creation.

Our scented and energetic home care ranges draw on this wisdom to use the beneficial properties of plants. HOZHO candles, sprays and diffusers are made from exceptional ingredients grown in the Pays basque and selected by an energetics. These different synergies for purifying, protecting and harmonizing your home are made from sacred ingredients common to many cultures. Palo Santo, white sage, sandalwood, red rose, oak, bamboo, myrrh, cedar, patchouli… Each range is designed to transform the energetic balance of your living spaces. Their olfactory signature is characterized by delicate, floral, gourmand, woody or spicy notes.

#2 Daily tidying up encourages the flow of energy

Feng shui is an ancient Chinese art based on the circulation of energies. A true pillar of Taoist culture, this discipline is nevertheless increasingly taken into consideration in contemporary interior design.

To harmonize your home, the feng shui approach considers the vital energy of living spaces according to the principle of yin and yang. To facilitate harmonious flow, visible space must be uncluttered. Avoid the accumulation of objects, untidy shelves and dressing rooms.

In the same spirit, it’s advisable to choose furniture that isn’t too imposing and that can be closed to conceal the elements.

#3 Colors for every room

Feng shui has certain similarities with chromotherapy or chromatotherapy, which uses color for therapeutic purposes. In feng shui, colors, energies and emotions are closely linked. Different harmonies can be created by using a color and its negative side to adjust its intensity.

Colors must therefore be adapted to each room to harmonize the energies of the space. Red, orange and yellow are the colors of fire, stimulating, dynamic and joyful. They are used in offices, kitchens, living rooms or dining rooms to facilitate creativity or communication. Blue is preferred for soothing and calming the mind.

Soft colors evocative of nature, pastels and luminous hues are ideal for bedrooms and rest areas. Excessive contrasts are to be avoided, as they stimulate the mind and do not invite inner calm.

#4 Energy-correcting natural materials

Organic materials such as wood, linen, cotton, silk or wool are considered energy-correcting. Symbols of the animal or plant kingdom, they help rebalance the energies of a space and are particularly recommended for bedrooms and living rooms.

Interior plants also introduce the element of wood and attract positive energies. Bamboo, sage, orchid, peace lily and fern are among the plants recommended in feng shui.

#5 Appropriate lighting to calm moods

Lighting is essential for balancing energies and ensuring that they circulate freely in your home. Feng shui favors natural light, sunlight during the day and candlelight in the evening. In any case, it’s essential to avoid overly powerful lighting that excites the brain in places dedicated to rest.

Choose bulbs with a warm color spectrum and lamps made from natural materials such as wood or wickerwork.

Hozho, scented and energetic care to harmonize your home.

HOZHO home care products are designed to accompany you on a daily basis, turning your home into a regenerating jewel box.

The Flames Collection, HOZHO.

Celebrating every moment of life is the promise we place at the heart of all our creations. Hand-crafted with top-quality ingredients, our ranges are made in France by artisans with unique know-how. They perpetuate our national heritage while respecting the planet and its inhabitants.

As a reflection of ourselves, we see the home as a living being in constant interaction with its occupants. Taking care of one’s inner vibrations and cleansing one’s energies helps create a beneficial and protective cocoon, facilitating introspection and communication. Our Les Flammes, Les Brises and Les Pluies collections are original creations dedicated to harmonizing your home and filling your daily life with benevolent intentions.