Patchouli and its spiritual virtues

For the Navajo, the largest Native American people in the United States, possessing the Hozho means being serene and using one’s faculties with calm and recollection. This large tribe lived in harmony with the natural and spiritual world. Inspired by this age-old culture, we have created products that are carefully crafted to meet the needs […]

How can I increase my spiritual energy?

comment augmenter son énergie spirituelle

Many everyday activities and techniques can help you develop your spiritual energy to achieve a state of emotional and physical well-being. Reconnect with yourself and lift your spirits improve quality of life, reduce stress and anxiety, and promote healthy social relationships. But what routine should you adopt to increase your spiritual energy leveltaking care of […]

How to purify your home?

Purify your home is a simple, essential routine for feeling at home every day. A receptacle for our energies and those around us, the home is a true living being that communicates with its occupants. Episodes of rumination, communication problems or friction in your relationships can be symptoms of an interior cluttered with bad energies. […]

How can we send out positive vibes?

Comment envoyer des ondes positives ?

The pace and demands of daily life sometimes alter our relationship with ourselves and those around us, and disrupt our relationships. Stress, seasonal changes and fatigue alter our perception of the world around us and can lead to feelings of loneliness or misunderstanding.  Against this backdrop, it’s essential for you and your loved ones to […]

How to feel good at home: 10 tips for creating a haven of peace

Whether you spend a lot of time at home or simply want to create a comforting space, there are many ways to improve your well-being at home. By combining the principles of Feng Shui, energy-cleansing rituals and a few clever ideas, you can transform your home into a haven of peace. Discover our tips for […]

Olfactotherapy and aromatherapy: what are the differences?

Olfactotherapy and aromatherapy are both scent therapies designed to help you achieve well-being. But while they both recognise that certain ingredients have qualities in common, their methods, history and applications differ. In this article, discover the similarities and differences between two therapeutic approaches linked to nature’s aromas.  What is olfactotherapy? Olfactotherapy is a therapy designed […]

The spiritual virtues of myrrh: immerse yourself in the magic of this sacred plant

Myrrh is one of the oldest incenses, with countless spiritual, energetic, cosmetic and therapeutic virtues. Solid in its raw state, it can be transformed into an essential oil, perfume or balm to accompany your senses on truly intimate and sensual olfactory journeys. Inspired by ancient traditions, we at HOZHO have created energetic home care products […]

What are the spiritual virtues of sandalwood?

Sandalwood is a fragrant tree that has been known for centuries for its spiritual, energetic and cosmetic virtues. Transformed into hydrosols, essential oils, powders or incense to heal the body and balance the spirit, it is a sacred ingredient in many cultures. Its rebalancing properties help restore inner harmony and well-being. Drawing on the knowledge […]

Home energy cleansing: essential rituals for better daily living

What is energy cleansing? The circulation and balance of energy flows are at the heart of many ancestral disciplines. Feng shui, Ayurveda, Reiki and Native American fire ceremonies are just a few examples. Despite conceptual differences, these beliefs are based on the theory of energetic frequencies to conceive of man’s interaction with his ecosystem. The […]

5 tips for harmonizing your home and restoring well-being on a daily basis

Harmonizing your home is essential to maintaining a healthy, regenerating interior. The pace of modern life sometimes invades our living spaces and impacts our biological functioning. To preserve a healthy home, conducive to calm and energy renewal, there are certain rituals inspired by ancient peoples. These include fumigation with energetic plants and feng shui. HOZHO, […]