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Housecaring by HOZHO

We offer scented creations with active energies to create harmony in your home. All our products are manufactured with kindness from plants with multiple virtues and vibratory fragrances. 


The Flames

A heart of plants bathed inside the candle creates a unique vibrating environment daily and transcends your home sweet home.

Little by little, as the candle burns, the plants encapsulated in the heart of the candle start showing


The Rains

Fragrances are made after maceration of about 30 plants according to their virtues, put in vegetable alcohol, then energized.

Handcrafted, Hozho products are made with natural ingredients and eco-responsible materials.


The Breezes

The fragrance diffuser with active energies: The Breezes joins The Flames and The Rains to perfume and Purify, Harmonize or Protect the interiors. Made of a beautiful recyclable glass, the 500 ml container is adorned with a handcrafted waxed wood insert.

Carry intentions with

Jewels & Mobiles

The HOZHO® candle jewelry line was imagined in order to carry particular intentions to loved ones with the “Les Ames” box, to the lunar cycle with “Les Astres” and then to play with the light with the “Les Révélations” and “Les Intentions” mobiles.

Exclusives Collabs
Hozho x Julie Courvoisier

The Pedestals Hozho 

Hozho collaborates with ceramic artist Julie Courvoisier and presents two models of ceramic candle holders.
Enhance your Flames!

The Ceramics to Perfume

Perfuming Ceramic HOZHO x Julie Courvoisier.
Diffuse all the energies of HOZHO in your living space ! Enhance your Flames !