Housecare according to

The origin of HOZHO

Offer the best of nature

Passionate about the powers of plants and inspired by the Amerindian culture, Anne Querard imagines house care according to HOZHO. A brand offering the best of nature, past and modern civilization. A strong in plant range that infuses in our life spaces the care it needs for our balance. A heart of plants bathed in energetic scents creates a unique vibrating environment daily.

Extract from a joint interview on 7 April 2022 – a moment of complicity to look back at the origins, meaning and functions that Anne Querard wanted to give to HOZHO products.

An excellence

And a French craftman confection

The scented and energetic range of HOZHO is made in France, from a rigorous selection of plants and scents with virtuous vibrations and a 100% plant-based wax. The natural cotton wick allows for an optimal burn and zero toxic emission.

The HOZHO flames come from high manufacture. They are poured by a wax master following according to the rules. As soon as you light them, they bathe your environment with all the serenity they have benefited from during their creation.

Made in France

In order to preserve and perpetuate French know-how, we ensure French manufacturing of our products.

We guarantee the quality of our production chain throughout manufacturing. At each stage of production, we carry out strict tests meeting current French standards.

By choosing to settle in France, we support the local economy and create jobs in the region. We wish to preserve French activity and are proud to represent know-how and national heritage. It is important for us to produce more responsibly by encouraging French entrepreneurship and promoting the quality of French productions and creations.

All the energy of nature
and exceptional ingredients

HOZHO candles are made only with high quality vegetable waxes and fragrances.

HOZHO products are known to never pollute the air or emit harmful residues during or after combustion. Lighting a HOZHO Flame, spreading Rain or Breezes, is the assurance of bathing your interior with good vibes.

HOZHO creations are therefore ideal for all people looking for a healthy home.

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