How can I increase my spiritual energy?

comment augmenter son énergie spirituelle

Many everyday activities and techniques can help you develop your spiritual energy to achieve a state of emotional and physical well-being. Reconnect with yourself and lift your spirits improve quality of life, reduce stress and anxiety, and promote healthy social relationships.

But what routine should you adopt to increase your spiritual energy leveltaking care of your senses and emotions? HOZHO, creator of energetic scented care products for the home, explains how to balance your energy vibrations for a better life.


#1 Comprendre le concept d’énergie spirituelle

L’spiritual energy is a fundamental theory in many spiritualities. Particularly present in Asian cultures, but also in America and Africa, spiritual energy is a pillar of vital and cosmic energy.

In China, it is defined by ch’ithe ki in Japan prana orojas in India. Also intrinsically linked to animist beliefs, spiritual energy is one of the most important vibratory flows that govern the laws of the Earth and the Universe. At the heart of these synergies lie the overriding principles ofbalance and harmony. According to the yin and yang theoryPhysical and spiritual well-being depends on the balance of vital energy flows.

In Navajo culture, it’s Hozho which sums up this thought. This awareness of and respect for the natural and spiritual world leads the individual to a higher level of beauty, a source of inspiration. happiness and let go. No distinction is made between the visible and the invisible. The spirits of the ancestors, the forces of nature, the individual and the group must form a harmony to live healthily.

Illness, conflict, emotional, psychological or physical disorder are all signs of an imbalance that leads away from Hozho. Understanding this metaphysical order means finding and taking one’s rightful place in the cosmos. better vitality.

From these energy theories have given rise to various practices such as reikiand meditationmeditation relaxation and yoga. In all of them, we find a state of mindfulness and gratitude towards ourselves, life and the loved ones around us.


Scented care with active energies for the homeHOZHO creations.


#2 Purifier sa maison

The stress and accelerated pace of our daily lives affect our health, sleep and quality of life. Sometimes, unexplained feelings of oppression overwhelm us and make our activities difficult. Headaches, fatigue, digestive problems… What if it’s all linked to your home?

We often forget that a living space is in constant interaction with its occupants. In the energy therapiesWe’re talking about energy flows, of course. Western medicine, on the other hand, focuses more on the effect of hormones, air saturation and pollution, the release of toxins and the psychological impact of the disorder. For us, the two coexist and feed off each other.

Cultivating spiritual energy starts by taking the time to care for and purify your home. Create a protective cocoon for feeling at home is essential for recharging your batteries. Sometimes, communication problems, insomnia, excessive anger, nervousness and ruminations come from a single source. poor energy circulation. Airing out your living spaces, cleaning and tidying them up are simple gestures that will help you to leave your home more pleasant. circulate positive energies.

According to feng shui theoryIn order to achieve this, you need to give priority to sunlight and natural materials so that energies can circulate easily. Certain essential oils are also powerful purifying, harmonizing and catalyzing agents.

This is the case, for example, of Palo Santoand sandalwoodsandalwood white sage or patchouli. At Hozho, we have drawn on ancient wisdoms to create unique, top-quality compounds for clean your home and increase its vibratory frequency. These active ingredient-scented skincare products are the fruit of excellent know-how and environmentally-friendly production. Using them regularly will help you maintain a high vibratory rate and make your home welcoming.

Some green plants are also effective, as a complement, in chasing away negative energies. Examples include bamboo, orchid, lily and aloe vera.

If you live with a partner or family, also take into account the exchange of energy between people. This can be beneficial or, conversely, negative, depending on the character of the vibrations. Rituals for harmonize your home are therefore essential throughout the year in order to maintain a healthy, sustainable energy flowa source of inner peace.


#3 Prendre soin de son hygiène de vie

“Mens sana in corpore sano”, a healthy mind in a healthy body, said the poet Juvenal in the 2ndᵉ century AD. But this fundamental concept was already present in Chinese and Indian medicine over 4,000 years ago.

At ayurvedabody and mind are approached through the prism of the elements with which they are inextricably linked. Each individual is governed by one or more doshasa fundamental energy made up of a mixture of ether, air, fire, earth and water. If one of these forces takes over, the whole organism is disrupted. We must therefore adapt our lifestyle to harmonize the forces of the universe that govern and constitute us.

In traditional traditional Chinese medicineIn addition to these, massage, diet and physical exercises such as chi gong or tai-chi-chuan are prescribed. Breathing exercises, breath and movement control and concentration are based on the principle of the vital breath. Knowledge and mastery of this breath will enable you to achieve inner harmony, to align your senses with your emotions, to merge your metabolic functioning with metaphysical movement.

The Western medicine has also long been based on Galenic and Hippocratic theories, which take into account temperament and mood balance. Today, sport and a healthy diet are recommended for staying healthy and boosting the production of happy hormones.

Eating fresh, seasonal food helps your body to protect itself naturally against disease. Physical exercise also helps you learn to listen to your body and the way it interacts with your mental activity. A few minutes’ walk a day has a positive impact on positive effect on vitality and emotional management.


#4 Pratiquer des activités positives

Certain activities are valuable meditative resources. They can help to clarify ideas and release tension. This is the case for walking in the open air, nature hikes, but also activities that require a certain attention to detail, such as embroidery.

Others require self-control or body balance, such as yoga or dance. These forms of expression and creativity are spaces dedicated to resting the mind. Practising a creative activity, with no objective other than pleasure, is essential for raise your vibratory ratedevelop your senses and feel positive emotions.

Pay attention to your personal comfort and treat yourself. A voluptuous perfume, a cozy blanket or your favorite playlist… Creating a comforting environment is a decisive factor in your success. stimulate the positive energies necessary for your personal development.



#5 S’entourer des êtres chers

Finally, enjoy spending time with the people who are important to you, and be kind to those you meet. Numerous studies have demonstrated the benefits of social ties on morale, feelings of well-being and the strength of the cognitive system. Gratitude, listening, sharing and communication reduce stress and promote fulfillment.

These contacts, practiced regularly, increase spiritual energywhich also benefits those around you. Energy flows between members of a family, groups of friends or communities are valuable sources of spiritual and emotional uplift.

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