How to increase your vibratory frequency

As unique beings and independent spirits, we all have a higher or lower vibratory frequency within us. Also known as vibratory rate or vibratory energy, vibratory frequency is a fundamental concept in many cultures, spiritualities and holistic medicines.

These consider that we are part of a whole, the general vibratory movement, and that we have a significant influence on our environment. This is explained by our vibratory frequency, the waves of high or low frequency that we emit. Cultivating a high vibratory frequency allows us to achieve a state of inner well-being, enjoy a healthier life and have a positive impact on others. 

Find out in this article how to increase your vibrational frequency with HOZHO, the leading brand of active-energy scented skin care products for the home.

What is vibratory frequency?

A key concept in science and physics, vibratory frequency governs every element in the universe. A being, whether ‘alive’ or not, but also an object, a place or a material, is thus endowed with a vibratory frequency of varying strength.

Before it was described scientifically, vibratory frequency was a founding concept of many ancient holistic practices. Their explanations of these energies and their fluctuation sometimes differ, but many common points emerge.

Ayurveda, traditional Chinese medicine, reiki, lithotherapy, aromatherapy, radiesthesia, kinesiology, energetic practices… All these alternative medicines take into account the individual’s energetic vibrations in their diagnosis and approach. Magnetists, healers and shamans work on a person’s vibratory frequency to treat physical or spiritual ailments.

More recently, at the beginning of the 20ᵉ century, Alfred Bovis even determined a unit of measurement for assessing the vibratory rate of a being, food or place. The Bovis scale, or Bovis dial, is a biometer ranging from 0 to 18,000 or more.

Approached from different angles depending on the discipline, vibratory frequency is nevertheless based on 3 shared principles: 

A low vibration indicates a fragile state of health, more prone to illness, stress and feelings of malaise.

A high vibration brings vitality and well-being, and is favoured by positive emotions and meditation, for example.

The energy of people and places work in synergy. It is therefore advisable to purify your home to increase its vibratory rate.

HOZHO home fragrance products are handcrafted from plants with remarkable energetic properties that increase the vibratory rate of your home.


How can you increase your vibratory frequency?

Positive psychology and conventional medicine do not recognize the scientific validity of alternative energy treatments. However, some of their therapeutic approaches share common recommendations. Positive emotions, diet and sport are among the essential ingredients for raising your vibratory frequency and achieving a state of well-being.


Taking care of your home

We are convinced that the energy in our homes has a powerful influence on us. It’s the first place where we should feel good, where we can find ourselves serenely, far from the hustle and bustle of the world. But how can you make your home a place where you can relax?

At HOZHO, we’ve created the first brand of energetic treatments dedicated to your home. Our Harmonising, Protecting and Purifying ranges offer plant combinations designed to regulate the energies in your home. Non-toxic and non-polluting, they are made from plants grown ecologically in the heart of the Basque Country. Created to accompany you on a daily basis, they are specifically designed to cleanse, harmonize and protect your home from negative energies.


Light a candle scented with Hozho’s active energies, like the Purifying Flame, to cleanse your home of bad vibes. The intoxicating fragrance of our creations and their active ingredients will turn your home into a regenerating setting. Your vibratory frequency will be all the more beautiful and stronger for it.

The theories of feng shui linked to the circulation of energies (yin and yang) will also help to balance the vibration in your home. You can find more tips in our dedicated article “How to purify your home and make room for positive vibes“.

Cultivate positive emotions

Traditional Western medicine recognises the impact of positive emotions on the production of happiness hormones and therefore on psychological and physical well-being. Psycho-neuro-endocrino-immunology is even a field of research in its own right, studying the approach of holistic practices in this area.

Kind thoughts, healthy social relationships and relaxing activities are all recommended. They help to raise your vibratory frequency and also benefit those around you by forming a virtuous energy current.

Adopt a healthy lifestyle

Healthy eating and sport are also at the heart of energy medicine. In Ayurveda, for example, sport, diet and meditative exercises are adapted to each dosha. Alcohol and stimulants such as coffee should be consumed in moderation. Priority should be given to activities that expel toxins and to regular cleansing of the body through the consumption of foods or beverages with balancing properties.

Focus on what’s essential

Identify all the positive things in your life for which you can be grateful. This could be your family, your friends, your work, all the events and people that have a positive impact on your life. Once you’ve identified these elements, you’ve already done a lot of the work to boost your positivity.



Reconnect with nature

Living in the city can be stifling and release bad energy due to the high concentration of stress and bad vibes. Free yourself from this ambient stress by spending some time away from the city: a walk in the woods, a weekend in the countryside can only do you good and get you back in touch with what’s essential. You’ll come out feeling more serene and your vibratory frequency will rise.

Practice meditation or yoga

Having a bad day? Try meditation. We must never allow ourselves to be overwhelmed by our negative feelings, which is why a meditation session every time you feel a little blue can be really beneficial. Find yourself in a silent space and concentrate on your breathing to regain calm. Once you’ve passed this stage and your vibratory frequency has been boosted, you’re ready to get on with the day!

The practice of meditation, relaxation or yoga can be integrated into a daily routine. By encouraging concentration, breath control and balance, these disciplines help you to rediscover a sense of fulfilment and increase your spiritual vibratory frequency.

HOZHO, creator of energetic fragrance treatments for the home, takes you on a genuine olfactory and spiritual journey. Our unique collections are inspired by the heritage of ancient peoples to bring you beneficial energetic experiences. Discover our exclusive creations and transform your daily life into moments of infinite gentleness.

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