How to increase your vibratory frequency
2 Nov, 2021

As unique beings and independent spirits, we all have within us a vibratory frequency more or less high. We are certainly a part of a whole, the general vibratory movement, but we carry an influence on our environment that is not negligible. This is explained by our vibratory frequency, the waves we emit. If we cultivate a high vibratory frequency, we have a healthier life and especially a positive impact on others.

How to cultivate a high vibrational frequency?

Our tips for increasing your vibrational frequency:

Focus on what’s important

Identify everything that is positive in your life, that you can be grateful for. This can be your families, your friends, your work, all the events and people that have a positive impact on your life. Once you’ve identified these things, you’ve already done a lot of the work to boost your positivity!

Reconnect with nature!

Living in the city can be stifling and release bad energy due to its high concentration of stress and bad vibes. Free yourself from this ambient stress by spending time away from the city: a walk in the forest, a weekend in the countryside can only do you good and make you get back in touch with the essential. You will come out more serene and will raise your vibratory frequency!

Do some meditation

Are you having a bad day? Use meditation. We should never let ourselves be overwhelmed by our negative feelings, that’s why doing a meditation session, at every little blues can be really beneficial to you. Find yourself in a silent space and then by measuring your breathing you will succeed in finding your calm. Once this step is over and your vibratory frequency is boosted, you are ready to start a new day!

Taking care of your home

We are convinced that the energy of our home has a strong influence on us. It is the first place where we should feel good and where we can find ourselves serenely. Far from the agitation of the world. But how to make your home a place where you can relax? Find all our tips in our article dedicated to How to purify your home and make room for positive waves.

To finish, light a candle scented with active Hozho energies such as the Purifying Flame, in order to purify your home of bad waves. Your vibratory frequency will be more beautiful and stronger!