How to purify your home?

Purify your home is a simple, essential routine for feeling at home every day. A receptacle for our energies and those around us, the home is a true living being that communicates with its occupants. Episodes of rumination, communication problems or friction in your relationships can be symptoms of an interior cluttered with bad energies.


Cleansing your home and rebalancing energies should therefore be part of regular regular purification rituals to protect positive energies and boost your vibratory frequency. The benefits of a purified home will be felt by you and those around you.


Why purify your home?


Today in the West, our beliefs, hopes and conduct are largely based on our faith in Science. As a result alternative therapiestherapies alternative medicine and spiritual practices are often presented as the opposite side of medicine.

And yet, despite their conceptual differences, there is a great deal of overlap between these disciplines. The knowledge of ancient worlds, their visions of the world and the elements that make it up, even overlap from continent to continent. Among their fields of application, energies hold a predominant place. Visit Chinese and and Indian medicine, but also animist tribes of America or the ancient peoples of our regions have considered energies as a founding principle.

These are not only present in human beings, but also in Nature, animals, stars, the elements and even the beyond. As a place of life, protection and exchange, the home is at the heart of many rituals to purify and protect the environment. harmonize energies on the road. Visit energetic cleansing of the house or apartment is essential to ward off bad energy and maintain a protective cocoon conducive to inner well-being.



When should purification rituals be performed?


Energy specialists, feng shui feng shuiand reiki orayurveda recommend regular cleaning to promote good energy in the home. But there are certain times of life and times of year that require special attention on your part to keep your home healthy.


Milestones in your life

Births, marriages and deaths, moves, job changes or exam periods are all milestones that define a new cycle.

Welcoming this new life cycle means creating a new energy balance. Purify your home before moving in, for example, gets rid of the old owners’ vibes. These could prevent you from anchoring yourself completely in the present, or even alter your emotions and your exchanges with those around you.


Feelings of oppression and malaise

The home should be a place of rest, contemplation, creativity and interaction. It must offer a feeling of protection and inner peace, enabling its occupants to develop serenely. An unexplained feeling of oppression may be symptomatic of an energy carrying bad vibrations.

Similarly, a poor circulation of energy flows can also be the source of a feeling of unease and cause relationship problems. Anger, arguments, stress, anxiety and resentment generate negative thoughts that impede the movement of energies and weigh down the ambient air. Eliminating these energies is essential to dissipate tensions and improve the quality of relationships.


Changing cycles

As living beings, we are, like all the elements, subject to the cycles of the moon, the changing seasons and the years. The stars that govern us, and whose energies interact, give rhythm to the seasons, our sleep and our menstrual cycle.

Charging ourselves with these energies enables us to be in harmony with the elements and to benefit from their virtuous movement to undertake beneficial actions in our lives. L’the arrival of spring or the new moon for example, are ideal times for a session to cleanse energies and protect your home.


Spiritual development and well-being

The yogameditation meditation and relaxation are at the heart of energy care. They enable the individual to release tension, focus on what’s essential and reconnect with themselves. Regular practice of these activities relieves stress, facilitates concentration and enhances awareness of ourselves and our surroundings.

It also provides greater sensitivity to vibrations and, to be most effective, requires cleansing the premises of hostile or disruptive energies.


Traditional purification methods

Purification rituals are varied and largely based on knowledge of nature. Frankincense, myrrh, patchouli, white sage, Palo Santo, sandalwood, vinegar, bay leaf, cinnamon and coarse salt are just some of the essential ingredients. Some stones are also known for their energy-regulating properties.


Feng shui

Feng shui, a practice aimed at harmony and well-being, is based on thebalance of yin and yang. To create a harmonious atmosphere, feng shui recommends carefully choosing the layout, materials and colors of your interior. Choose natural, energy-correcting materials such as wood and linen, and opt for soft colors in lounging areas. Brighter shades can be dedicated to the kitchen or office.

Uncluttered furniture, airy spaces and plants are also essential to ensure a positive energy flow. positive energy flow. In the bedroom, keep screens and work-related objects away from the room to promote peaceful sleep. Position the bed strategically, never below a window or in the axis between the door and the window, and use natural light during the day and subdued light at night. Discover more tips for feel good at home in our dedicated article.


Salt, vinegar and stones

Salt is a common component in home purification rituals. It is effective in unrefined form, particularly in bedrooms, to absorb negative energies and protect against bad vibes. It can be used on its own in a bowl or mixed with water and vinegar.

Lithotherapy also plays an important role in the energetic cleansing of spaces. Minerals such as malachite, amethyst, rock crystal, tiger’s eye and tourmaline are valued for their protective and purifying properties, contributing to prosperity and harmony in the home.



The sandalwood is a tree with exceptional properties, recognized for its spiritual, energetic and cosmetic uses. Transformed into hydrolate, essential oil, powder or incense, it is used to heal the body and balance the mind. Its rebalancing properties promoteinner harmony and well-being.


Sandalwood candle, HOZHO collection


Widespread in many countries, sandalwood, with its intoxicating notes, is used in aromatherapy for its soothing effects against stress and anxiety, and for stimulating awareness and creativity. In phytotherapy, it is recognized for its antiseptic properties, treating skin inflammation. In spiritual practices, particularly in the Hindu and Buddhist traditions, it is used in the purification rituals and in meditation ; it purifies the chakras and promotes emotional and spiritual balance.


The Palo Santo

The Palo Santo is a sacred wood that has been used for thousands of years and is renowned for its purifying and soothing properties. Prized for its distinctive fragrance, it plays a central role in the ancient traditions of home purification. Extracted from the Bulnesia sarmientoi tree, Palo Santo wood varies from pale yellow to dark brown. It is harvested exclusively from dead trees, giving off a herbaceous, woody fragrance.


Palo Santo essential oil diffuser, HOZHO collection.


Traditionally used in South America, Palo Santo is used to make essential oils and perfumes, and has medicinal properties for skin and stomach problems. In shamanic rituals, it is burned to ward off negative energies and promote spiritual communication. Palo Santo is often combined with white sage to enhance purification rituals, attract positive energies and promote well-being and serenity.


White sage

The white sageor “salvia apiana”, native to North America, has been used for centuries to purify spaces. It is recognized for its healing, protective and purifying properties, and is an integral part of Native American traditions.

Sage, taken as an infusion or tincture, helps regulate the menstrual cycle and relieve pain. It also plays an important role in home purification. Traditionally burned in the form of faggots, resins or dried flowers, white sage is believed to repel negative energies and evil spirits.


White sage spray, HOZHO collection.


The sage cleansing also serves to rebalance energies in living spaces and create a harmonious, pleasant atmosphere. It is often combined with Palo Santo when moving in to cleanse spaces of previous energies. On a spiritual level, sage, rich in essential oils and tannin, is used in aromatherapy to calm the mind and dispel negative emotions. It encourages creativity, introspection and sleep.

Finally, white sage is used in shamanic rites to create synergy between individuals and their environment. It is also ideal for meditation, reading and yoga.



The myrrhThis ancestral incense has spiritual, energetic, cosmetic and therapeutic virtues. From the myrrh tree, this resin secretes an aromatic oil with balsamic notes, used in incense or distilled into an essential oil. Historically, myrrh was prized for its magical and aphrodisiac properties. It was used in ancient spiritual practices, including purification rites, mummification and as an offering.

Endowed with medicinal and spiritual virtues, myrrh was used in ancient times for its effects on body and mind. It is recognized for its purifying, harmonizing powers and communion with the divine.

Myrrh candle, HOZHO collection.


In modern practice, myrrh is used for relaxation, concentration, prayer and meditation. It promotes a heightened state of consciousness, regulates emotions, relieves tension and harmonizes the energy of spaces. Its soothing effect creates an environment conducive to rest and introspection. Myrrh essential oil is also used in aromatherapy, hydrolatherapy and phytotherapy for its calming and protective effects against negative energies.


Energy cleansing with candles


Fumigation is often at the heart of purification practices. Burning a stick of incenseIn fact, the fragrance of sage or Palo Santo releases a thick smoke and dense perfume that spreads throughout the home. But the energy candles can also be powerful catalysts, thanks to the synergies they create from different plants.


At HOZHO, we wanted to create the first energy-care brand dedicated to the home, inspired by the knowledge of ancient peoples. Grown in the Basque country and selected by an energeticist, the plants in our ranges are chosen for their purifying, harmonizing and protective properties.


Non-toxic and non-polluting, our energy candles are hand-poured by master waxmakers using a traditional process. We make our own essential oils using artisanal extractions that allow us to preserve the natural active ingredients plants. They come from ecological agriculture that respects their natural composition.



HOZHO, creators of purifying, harmonizing and protective home care products


In addition to our range Les Flammes range of energetic candles, we’ve also developed our care products in spray and diffusers under our Pluies et Brumes collections. The ingredients we use are of exceptional quality, which helps maintain volatile organic compounds a lasting presence in your living spaces. In addition to promote the circulation of energies andhelp purify the rooms in your homeHOZHO treatments give off an intoxicating, comforting scent.


Indispensable for purify your home HOZHO ranges help eliminate stagnant stagnant energies and negative energies from your home to create a healthy environment for the whole family. A true journey for your senses.

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