How to purify your interior and give away to positive waves ?

With the multiple confinements, many of us have reconsidered our relationship to our interior, to the well-being we felt (or not) when living in a space. And many of us, detecting bad vibrations or unpleasant waves, decided to move or to redecorate our home.

Adopt a ‘Feng Shui’ lifestyle

To quickly purify your home of bad vibes and live better, adopt the art of Feng Shui! This Chinese art of living will give importance to the location of objects and colors of your home. A few rearrangements and two or three brush strokes can be enough to make you rediscover your interior and free it from any feeling of anxiety! Feng Shui was originally created to build your home in the best place according to the principle of the five elements: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water. Applying its principles is to be sure to gain serenity, balance and comfort! We give you some advice to adopt Feng Shui at home, in your bedroom or your living room. And you will see: all this is more profound and says more about what your interior should inspire than a few “Feng Shui decorating” tips!

The location of your furniture has a considerable impact on your feeling of well-being! Indeed, depending on the space your furniture occupies, energies circulate differently. Thus, some furniture can contribute to retain bad energies and darken the energetic profile of your interior! To begin with, concentrate on the entrance which is the capital room through which the energies enter and leave. It must be as clear as possible, bright, with plants and flowers. Once the entrance is protected, take a look at the kitchen. The kitchen is essential in the art of Feng Shui because it combines two incompatible elements, fire and water. Thus, it is the place where energies clash and can become a very strong weight in your interior. Avoid placing a piece of fire furniture (hotplates, oven) in front of a piece of water furniture (sink, dishwasher). Last advice for your kitchen: avoid angles and sharp sides: put away your knives and arrange your kitchen in islands with rounded curves. Finally, using Feng Shui in the bedrooms is imperative! In the rooms, opt for simplicity. Especially avoid electronic objects and mirrors: located in front of the bed, they bring insomnia and adultery…

Concerning the choice of colors, you must alternate between yin (colors bringing calm, rest and serenity, pastel and cold) and yang (colors bringing life and dynamism, colored). You will not adopt the same yin-yang balance depending on where you live. For example, blue, the color of concentration, is ideal in an office but to be avoided in a bedroom because it evokes nostalgic feelings… On the contrary, yellow is the color of communication: it is a perfect choice to liven up shared living spaces like a living room or a kitchen. Often shunned, red is the perfect color to give vitality by small touch. A simple red pillow can bring life back to a space where you feel listless or oppressed!

Use the elements…

Fire is an essential element to purify your interior. You can use the Native American custom of lighting a bundle of sage and putting it out 30 seconds later. Go through your home with the smoke and spread it in all the rooms while saying a few words (“I want to get rid of …”). Focus on the rooms or places where you feel least comfortable (especially near the bed if you have insomnia). Above all, while you are doing this ritual, air out your home! This is essential in order to scare away the bad energies that you are chasing away with the fire.  As an alternative to sage, you can also burn a piece of Palo Santo – a sacred wood of the Incas known to attract good energies.

You can also simply burn a scented candle! Be careful however to choose it well: scented candles or candles of atmosphere are often filled with harmful additives for your well-being and for your interior. They will therefore produce the opposite effect to the one you are looking for and will have negative energy impacts! Scented candles found in stores or in traditional perfume shops are likely to clutter your home and may threaten your health. Therefore, it is imperative that you use a natural candle or a vegetal candle. Opt rather for the candles scented with the active energies Hozho like “The Purifying Flame”, ideal energy candle to purify your apartment or your house. It is a candle of high manufacture, perfect to take care of your interior and let the positive waves go through it. These vegetable wax candles do not pollute the air and do not emit any harmful residue during combustion: they are the ideal companion for anyone seeking a healthy home.

A child of the earth, salt has always been a fundamental ingredient used in Greek, Roman, African and Hindu civilizations for its magical properties. Salt is used to fight against bad energies or evil spirits that may inhabit an interior. To purify your home, fill several small bowls with coarse salt and place them in a corner of each room. In the course of time, the salt will turn black: this is a good sign, it means that it absorbs the negative waves that your interior is charged with. When its color is black, change the salt.

Reposition yourself at home

We are more and more surrounded by electrical and electronic devices that disrupt our environment by the waves they emit. Microwaves, cell phones, tablets, connected speakers… The best solution? Switching off your phone, spending a few hours without your wifi and unplugging devices are good habits to adopt when your home becomes too busy.

Do you sometimes feel like you’re not really living at home in your own home? That’s because you don’t really live there! The best solution: put yourself in a meditation position, breathe with your stomach and close your eyes. Then let your mind travel within your interior. To do this, imagine that your mind leaves your body and goes into each room. Mentally picture the room and focus on each corner through visualization. Say aloud what you see in the room (“I see the table in the center of the living room, there are 4 wooden chairs”, etc.).

These repeated exercises will make you the real master of the place!

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