HOZHO is also an eco-responsible approach…

The environment, an eco-responsible and local approach have always been part of HOZHO’s DNA.


Recycle with us, and enjoy a – 5% discount on your next purchase of a Pluie 200ml! –


Our handmade wooden hoods in the Jura are an essential element of our Pluies, they contribute to the identity of our brand and to the French craftsmanship.


We have therefore set up the recycling of our caps.

If you are in Paris, drop off a 200ml Pluie hood, or two Travel Size Pluies hoods at our corner at Le Bon Marché, 2nd floor of the Espace Maison, and you will get a


  • 5% discount on the purchase of your next 200ml Pluie HOZHO on the corner store.

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