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We offer scented creations with active energies to create harmony in your home. All our products are manufactured with kindness from plants with multiple virtues and vibrant fragrances.

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The Flames

The plant heart of the Flames creates a unique vibrational environment on a daily basis.


The Rains

Perfumes are created by macerating some thirty plants, according to their virtues, in plant alcohol, then energizing them. Handcrafted, Hozho products are made with exceptional ingredients and eco-responsible materials.


The Rains

The perfume diffuser with active energies: Les Brises joins Les Flammes and Les Pluies to perfume and Purify, Harmonize or Protect interiors. Made from magnificent recyclable glass, the container is adorned with a hand-shaped waxed wooden insert.

Carry your intentions with…


The HOZHO® candle jewelry line was designed to bring special intentions to loved ones with the “Les Ames” box, to the lunar cycle with “Les Astres” then to play with light with the “Les Révélations” mobiles. and “Intentions”.

Hozho x Julie Courvoisier

Candle Bases

Hozho partners with ceramist Julie Courvoisier and presents two models of ceramic candle bases

Enhance your Flames!

Les Céramiques à Parfumer

Céramique à parfumer Hozho x Julie Courvoisier.
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