The Flames

HOZHO Scented candles


As soon as it starts burning this candles purifies the air and chases bad vibes… Amongst these active plants we find sage with purifying virtues and palo santo ideal to cleanse the environments by expulsing the negative energies all the while attracting the positive ones. Bamboo canalizes the forces of the four elements and reinforces the plant powers of this flame…

Refreshing olfactive signature of woody, floral, lightly spicy notes


It is the ideal energetic candle to accompany a yoga or meditation session but also for a wellbeing quest. Its heart of plants has been imagined to rebalance our mental energies along with those in our environment. In its composition we find sandalwood, used in certain countries to facilitate the interiorization and elevation of the spirit. If the red rose brings stress-relief virtues, the oak comes spread away negative energies.

Soothing olfactive signature with warm and amber notes.


Because we sometimes need to feel like in a cozy cocoon as soon as we get home, HOZHO created the Protecting Flame. Amongst its strengths, myrrh gets rid of the negative vibrations all the while creating a pure atmosphere receptive to protection. Cedar spreads its calming and soothing properties and recharges everyone’s spiritual strength. Finally, the patchouli tranquilizes and calms emotions and spreads a loving energy. This flame is perfect to take care of ourselves and loved ones.

Embracing olfactive signature with notes of fruity incense.