The role of white sage in home purification

Fumigation rituals using white sage to purify spaces have been around for centuries. Also known as sacred sage, “salvia apiana” comes from North America, and is one of over 900 species of sage found worldwide. Curative, protective and purifying, white sage is an integral part of the daily lives of Amerindian peoples.

Used in many civilizations, sage is also considered a woman’s plant. It is consumed as an infusion or tincture to regulate the cycle and relieve menstrual pain. Powerful and aromatic, sage, whose Latin name “salvia” means “to heal”, is a plant with great regulating power for your body, mind and home.

White sage and home purification

Sage is a medicinal plant used since ancient times to stimulate fertility, limit sweating and aid digestion. Traditionally consumed in Europe and Africa as an herbal tea, decoction or cooked, it is also used in America as a purifying smoke plant. Burning white sage in the form of bundles, resins or dried flowers is said to ward off negative energies and evil spirits. Fumigation with white sage incense thus accompanies all stages of life, including weddings, births, illnesses and deaths.

White sage bundles to purify the home.

A magical, purifying plant, white sage rebalances the energies of living spaces, making it an ideal everyday remedy. It repels undesirable flows, attracts beneficial vibrations and creates a harmonious atmosphere. Often associated with Palo Santo, white sage is particularly useful when moving into a new home, to rid spaces of the energies of their former occupants.

The spiritual properties of white sage

Sage naturally contains essential oils and tannin, which give off a camphorated, balsamic scent. Common in aromatherapy, it is used to relieve psychic ailments and dispel negative emotions. Burning sage is also used to soothe the mind, encourage creativity, introspection and sleep. It is particularly recommended for people prone to stress and anxiety.

white sage purification candle

Purifying candle with white sage, Palo Santo and bamboo, created by HOZHO.

During shamanic smoke ceremonies, sage is used to create a fertile synergy between individuals and their environment. This helps maintain a healthy environment conducive to the fulfillment of happy events. Its enveloping scent is also said to have an effect on depression, neutralizing the negative energies that interact with our bodies.

White sage thus accompanies moments dedicated to calm and serenity. It provides an enchanting backdrop for meditation and calm, relaxing activities such as reading or yoga.

HOZHO, creator of active energy treatments for your home

In Navajo, “Hozho” means supreme harmony, invoking the beneficent forces of the Earth and its elements. Native Americans regard white sage as a magical plant that conducts energies and regulates flows. Its association with Palo Santo offers a veritable olfactory and spiritual journey. Their combustion purifies spaces and strengthens connections between the visible and invisible worlds, inside and out.

Inherited from this ancestral culture, HOZHO’s purifying home care products draw on the knowledge of these peoples to offer original creations. Our active-energy ranges are made in France from plants grown in the Basque country. Selected by an energy specialist, they are macerated to create different combinations.

Active energy fragrance diffuser, HOZHO creations.

White sage, Palo Santo and bamboo form the heart of our home purification treatments. Sage for its purifying virtues, Palo Santo for its rebalancing action and bamboo, a powerful channeling agent that intensifies the plants’ active powers. This set, available as a candle, spray or diffuser, offers an olfactory signature of woody, floral and spicy notes.

HOZHO energy treatments are not seasonal, but are used on a daily basis to renew energy and release tension. More than just a home, the house is an extension of ourselves and the receptacle of our emotions. We must take care of it as we would a living being, to contribute to peace of mind and well-being. Both skincare and home fragrance, our purifying collections are a real promise for your
senses. They create a feeling of plenitude and enhance every moment of life, turning your home into a regenerating showcase.

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