The spiritual virtues of myrrh: immerse yourself in the magic of this sacred plant

Myrrh is one of the oldest incenses, with countless spiritual, energetic, cosmetic and therapeutic virtues. Solid in its raw state, it can be transformed into an essential oil, perfume or balm to accompany your senses on truly intimate and sensual olfactory journeys.

Inspired by ancient traditions, we at HOZHO have created energetic home care products based on top-quality myrrh, cedar and patchouli. These ranges, created to protect your home, will offer you infinitely gentle moments of spiritual well-being.

Discover the spiritual and energetic properties of myrrh in this article.

Myrrh, a sacred plant with a distinctive fragrance

Myrrh is a compound formed from the resin and gum of the myrrh tree, a shrub in the Burseraceae family, native to East Africa and the Arabian Peninsula. The tree gorges itself with sap and flowers at the end of summer. It is at this time that its trunk is covered with small protuberances from which the precious gum-resin oozes. These tear-shaped secretions then harden in the open air to form solid amber-coloured aggregates.

Grainy myrrh frankincense can then be burnt as is using a hot coal, or distilled to create an essential oil. Its essence gives off an opulent, balsamic fragrance (the myrrh tree is also called the balsam tree) with warm notes characteristic of oriental perfumes. 

Sometimes blended with wine, as in ancient Greece, myrrh is also closely associated with sensuality. Its popularity since Antiquity has been the subject of a flourishing trade between Yemen, Oman, Somalia and the greatest powers of the time. Traded like gold and silk, myrrh oil and frankincense were long reserved for the wealthy classes or used in liturgical rituals.

The magical properties of myrrh in ancient wisdoms

Also known as “Indian myrrh“, this sacred plant is used in ancient spiritual practices. In Egypt, myrrh was used for mummification, as a perfume and as an offering to the god Re. It is also found in ancient Greece and later in Ovid’s Metamorphoses. According to the Latin poet, myrrh owes its name to Myrrha, the daughter of the Cypriot king Cintras, who was transformed into a tree by the gods. It was her tears that gave rise to the precious myrrh with its medicinal, culinary and magical properties.


Myrrh, a plant with magical and spiritual virtues known since Antiquity.


A holy anointing oil for the Hebrews, myrrh is also present in the Bible. It was one of the gifts given by the Magi to the Christ Child. Throughout history, its properties on the body (analgesic, anti-inflammatory, anti-infectious, antiviral and anti-parasitic) have also been elevated to the spirit and to places. 

In ancient wisdoms, myrrh was used to purify places, harmonize energies and communicate with the gods. In Egypt, Greece, Rome, Japan, India, China and the Arab world, it was also said to have aphrodisiac powers.

Alternately sacred incense, divine offering, carnal perfume or magical remedy, myrrh and its intoxicating fragrances have earned the glory and lust of ancient peoples.

The well-being and spiritual virtues of myrrh

With such a rich heritage, myrrh unsurprisingly plays a prominent role in modern spiritual practices. In India, myrrh is particularly used to promote relaxation, concentration, prayer and deep meditation. It helps to raise the level of consciousness by reconnecting people with their innermost emotions and the energies that surround them. Its positive impact on spiritual and emotional well-being is recognised in many disciplines. 

Myrrh is used extensively in aromatherapy, hydrolatherapy, phytotherapy and energy rituals. Its regulating effect on both emotions and energies makes it an ideal ingredient for relieving tension and mental ruminations. By repelling disruptive energies and freeing your senses, myrrh restores energetic harmony to your living spaces. Its soothing, enveloping and comforting effect is conducive to rest and introspection.


candle myrrh purificate

Myrrh, cedar and patchouli candle, Protective Flame collection, HOZHO.


Myrrh essential oil is used in aromatherapy, meditation and relaxation. Its warm, comforting aromas calm states of stress and hypervigilance, while its energetic active ingredients protect your interior from negative energies.

The energetic virtues of myrrh in HOZHO home care products

Knowledge of plants and their effects on body, mind and energy is based on an ancient heritage. The spiritual and energetic virtues attributed to them often have similarities between peoples, despite the time and distance that separate them. Such is the case with myrrh. 

A plant dedicated to spiritual purification, in constant contact with vibratory energies, myrrh has always marked a verticality between the intimate and the infinite. Robust, protective and enchanting, it protects your home and comforts your soul.


Flames, Rains, Breezes ranges, HOZHO creations.


HOZHO, the leading brand of energetic home care products, has made myrrh the centerpiece of its many synergies. Reinforced by the properties of patchouli, cedar and sacred frankincense, which bring balance and mental clarity, it is an integral part of our ranges designed to protect your home.

Candles, diffusers or sprays with the active energies of myrrh, let yourself be carried away on an olfactory and spiritual journey thanks to our unique, hand-crafted creations. Grown and harvested in the Basque Country, our non-polluting, non-toxic ingredients are carefully selected by an energy specialist. We work with top-quality ingredients and craftsmen with unique skills to create exceptional components dedicated to your inner well-being.

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