What are the spiritual virtues of sandalwood?

Sandalwood is a fragrant tree that has been known for centuries for its spiritual, energetic and cosmetic virtues. Transformed into hydrosols, essential oils, powders or incense to heal the body and balance the spirit, it is a sacred ingredient in many cultures. Its rebalancing properties help restore inner harmony and well-being.

Drawing on the knowledge of ancient peoples, HOZHO extracts the best of nature’s energetic active ingredients. Sandalwood is one of the essential ingredients in our scented home care products. Before a meditation session, to calm the mind and stimulate the senses, our sandalwood-based Harmonizing range will accompany your moments of life with a feeling of infinite plenitude. A catalyst of emotions, a source of creativity and energetic harmony.

Sandalwood, a sacred plant in many spiritual traditions

Sandalwood covers several arboreal species found in countries as diverse as India, Nepal and Australia. The Santalaceae family is characterized by an aromatic wood of white, yellow or red color. It can be ground to a powder and mixed with water, milk or rosewater to form a fragrant paste with therapeutic properties. Good for the skin, sandalwood cures skin inflammations and infections. A recognized antiseptic in phytotherapy, its benefits and properties also extend to spiritual well-being.
A must in aromatherapy, sandalwood offers a precious essential oil with intoxicating notes. Highly prized in the world of perfume, it captures the top notes of other plants. Sandalwood is also said to combat stress and anxiety, and stimulate awareness, interiorization and creativity. Its soothing virtues make it an ideal plant for restoring harmony and warding off negative energies in the home.


sandalwood spiritual properties

Sandalwood has many spiritual and energetic benefits.


Very present in Hindu and Buddhist cultures, sandalwood is a sacred plant with spiritual properties sought after in religious rituals. Its purifying and protective action on body and mind makes it an indispensable ingredient in certain purification ceremonies, as well as in meditation.

The spiritual properties of sandalwood

The emblematic incense of many Asian and African countries, sandalwood is used to make woody, amber-scented embalming pastes. In Ayurveda, sandalwood is used to stimulate the senses, stop mental ruminations and uplift the spirit. It purifies the 7 chakras, in particular the Muladhara root chakra, linked to balance, grounding and connection with the universe.

Natural sandalwood essence accompanies meditation, balances the emotions and facilitates spiritual harmony. Sandalwood is also closely linked to the second Svadhisthana chakra, the center of the unconscious that contains emotions, creativity and empathy.

A channeler of energies, sandalwood is burned before meditation and relaxation, or applied as a balm to the body to promote understanding of oneself and others. Widely used in yoga and reiki, sandalwood incense and resins purify your interior, aiding concentration, serenity and dialogue.

How to use sandalwood in your spiritual practice?

Hozho is the leading brand in energy care for the home. Our creations are based on an in-depth knowledge of the natural energetic principles common to many cultures. Sandalwood, Palo Santo, white sage, bamboo, oak and red rose are just some of the ingredients in our many synergies.

Grown in the Basque country, the plants we use are carefully selected by an energeticist. Macerated and combined according to their spiritual and energetic virtues, they compose unique aromatic oils designed to purify, harmonize and protect your home.
Sandalwood is part of our “harmonizing” range of candles, sprays and diffusers. It is accompanied by red rose, which dissipates stress, and oak, which neutralizes negative energies. This exceptional compound is used to encourage introspection and connection between mind, body and universe. It offers a comforting olfactory signature characterized by warm, amber notes.


energetic sandalwood candle

Energetic sandalwood candle, HOZHO creation.


Non-polluting and non-toxic, our unique creations are the fruit of exceptional craftsmanship inspired by ancestral knowledge. Selected ingredients benefit from a rigorous extraction process that guarantees a high content of energetic active ingredients.

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