Which Hozho candle to choose for your home ?

In our previous article, we explained how to purify your interior and make room for positive waves. Today, we are going to help you to create a purified cocoon, filled with serenity with the help of Hozho candles.

Which Flame corresponds to the need of your house?

A healthy mind in a healthy space! Yes, the formula is a little hijacked, but not without meaning. In order to be appeased, well at home, it is essential to make our living spaces harmonious and comforting. The Purifying, Harmonizing and Protecting Flames, each with their own energies and properties will help you in this.

How do you feel in your home?

I feel oppressed in my home

You still feel the bad energies following a recent event?

Whether it is an important event, or a less impactful one, there is always a repercussion in the energy of our home, a phenomenon that we underestimate most of the time. That’s why it’s time to remedy it and to find good vibes in our home. There are an infinite number of situations in which the Cleansing Candle can help you get rid of these bad vibrations.

The Cleansing Flame helps to actively remedy this.

By lighting this candle with active energies, a sweet woody and floral scent will be released. It is not only an aroma that you let penetrate your home, it is a delicate mixture of plants with many virtues. Sage, palo santo or bamboo, each of these plants have an immediate purifying impact. The diffusion of the sage comes to purify your interior, as well as to reinforce the energy present at home. Palo santo releases fragrances that repel negative energy. The Amerindians themselves consider that this sacred tree helps to restore peace and calm to the interior. Bamboo has an osmosis effect, coordinating the effects of other plants and channeling the strength of the four elements: earth, fire, water and air.

I don’t find my home rejuvenating

Need to reconnect with yourself? To forget your work, your stress, your worries?

To do this, start by tidying up your home, and create a subdued atmosphere with the Harmonizing Flame, a moment that will help you relax. You refocus the time of a combustion, you receive a real energy care, rocked by the scent of the perfume with warm and amber notes.

What allows this escape? The ingredients of the candle allow this inner journey. Sandalwood has soothing effects on the body and mind. The red rose is comforting and regenerating, and its virtues have been proven for a long time. Finally, oak brings vigor and strength to the environment that welcomes it.

I don’t feel safe in my home

You have just moved in and you don’t feel completely in control of your home yet?

You wish to protect your house from bad waves?

Light the Protective Flame so that these energies act. Myrrh, cedar and patchouli will carry you away… You will find yourself in harmony with your interior, which will become or become again your cocoon in which you like to recharge your batteries.

Tune your spaces to your lives with the Hozho Flames, the candles are available on the Hozho eshop.

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