Accessories by HOZHO

The Candles Jewelleries HOZHO

Intensify the vibrating power of the HOZHO active energy scented candles disposing them on elegant and minimalist pedestals made in marble, a stone with multiple virtues. Handmade carved and polish, every object is a single piece, designed to enhance any of the HOZHO energetic candles.


Candle Jewellery
Les Astres


Candle Jewellery
Les Âmes


Mobile Candle
Les Révélations


Mobile Candle
Les Intentions


The matches boxes HOZHO

Light your HOZHO Flames with our beautiful matches.
The sumptuous illustrations that decorate the cases pay homage to 3 great Native American chiefs.
Choose the perfect combo to spread the beautiful energies of HOZHO !

Exclusives Collabs
HOZHO x Julie Courvoisier

The Pedestals

HOZHO collaborates with ceramic artist Julie Courvoisier and presents two models of ceramic candle holders. Enhance your Flames!

The Ceramics
to Perfume

Perfuming Ceramic HOZHO x Julie Courvoisier. Diffuse all the energies of HOZHO in your living space ! Enhance your Flames !