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The Rains
by Hozho

HOZHO Home Fragrances 

Fragrances are made after maceration of about 30 plants according to their virtues, put in vegetable alcohol, then energized. Handcrafted, Hozho products are made with natural ingredients and eco-responsible materials.


Sage, palo santo, bamboo … A few minutes of diffusion is enough for this energetic rain to purify the air and chase away the bad vibes …

Refreshing olfactive signature of woody, floral, lightly spicy notes.


Santal, red rose, oak… It is the ideal energetic perfume to accompany a yoga or meditation session but also a calm welcome back home.

Soothing olfactive signature with warm and amber notes.


Myrrhe, cèdre, patchouli… Voici la Pluie idéale pour insuffler à son intérieur une ambiance de cocon ouaté, dans lequel il fait bon se réfugier, se recentrer, seule ou avec les êtres chers.

Signature olfactive enveloppante aux notes d’encens fruités.