Candle jewelry: enter the world of HOZHO

The HOZHO fragrance and energy ranges invite well-being and serenity with unique products designed to purify, harmonise and protect your home. A true tribute to nature inspired by ancient peoples, HOZHO offers a selection of candles, home fragrances and candle jewellery to celebrate every moment.

Our demanding creations, handcrafted with top quality materials, offer an enchanting context, conducive to inner journey and harmony. Renew the energies of your spaces and calm your body and mind with HOZHO home care.

The candles and candle jewelry in our collections are a visual and olfactory spectacle that will accompany all your energetic intentions. A promise of harmony and beauty in your home.

Discover HOZHO’s candles and candle jewelry

In Navajo, HOZHO refers to the supreme harmony, the unity of vibrations between Man and his environment. To connect to the energy of HOZHO is to invoke the beneficial forces of the Earth and its elements, to merge with their forces.

This cosmology, so dear to Amerindian cultures, also has many similarities with the ancestral art of feng shui. The circulation of energies and the balance of forces are the pillars of an art of living to which we aspire and which we wish to share with you.

Candle Jewelry full of intentions
Candle jewel, “Intentions” collection, HOZHO

HOZHO, the first skincare brand designed to purify, harmonise and protect your home, embraces this philosophy of life cradled in age-old precepts. Our energetic candles are made from around thirty plants with beneficial properties to transform the energy of your living spaces. Their combustion releases delicate, floral, gourmand, woody or spicy notes that regulate the flow and rebalance the energies.

It is to accompany your olfactory and spiritual journey that we have created the HOZHO candle jewels. Attached to the body of the candle or close to its flame, these jewels illustrate your intentions, their comforting reflections will make every moment of your daily life a moment dedicated to calm and contemplation.

Create a warm and intimate atmosphere with energy candle jewelry

The home is an extension of ourselves, a place of recharging that we must take care of as a living being. Coming home after a long day, curling up on the sofa, watching the flickering candle and the untamed reflection of its flame on its golden jewel, smelling its fragrance… HOZHO is an ode to your senses.

The candle jewels are the final note to this inner music. They accompany the intentions you may have during the lunar cycle or those destined for loved ones while delicately completing your interior decoration.

HOZHO’s creations echo the theory of feng shui and will fit in perfectly with an interior design that respects it. Tidying and organizing your spaces, airing your rooms, arranging plants, choosing natural materials and soft colours will allow the vital energy to circulate. Candles and candle jewellery will then be the strongest element of a living space entirely turned towards well-being and harmony.

Astres candle jewel collection
Decorative jewel for energy candle, collection “Les Astres”

Candle jewelry that celebrates French savoir-faire

Our products are made in France from plants harvested in the heart of the Basque Country. Cultivated with respect for the environment, the plants are selected by an energeticist, then macerated to create different synergies.

The candles are then cast by hand, using exceptional ingredients whose combustion is non-polluting and non-toxic. As they burn, their fragrant and healing plant core gradually appears.

Just like the candles and perfumes, the HOZHO candle jewellery is the fruit of French artisanal know-how, of which we control the entire production chain. This supports the local economy and perpetuates the national heritage in the respect of the planet and all its actors.

HOZHO energy treatments are not seasonal, they accompany you day by day and soothe you in difficult moments by making your home a regenerating setting.

A few notes of music, a warm bath, a moment of relaxation, a yoga session, a book to devour, a romantic dinner… HOZHO envelops your moments of life with a feeling of plenitude.

The candle jewels are available in the range “Les Âmes”, “Les Astres”, “Les Révélations” and “Les Intentions”. These are luminous pieces to offer or to give yourself that will delight your senses and sublimate your moments of well-being and sharing.

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