Home energy cleansing: essential rituals for better daily living

What is energy cleansing?

The circulation and balance of energy flows are at the heart of many ancestral disciplines. Feng shui, Ayurveda, Reiki and Native American fire ceremonies are just a few examples. Despite conceptual differences, these beliefs are based on the theory of energetic frequencies to conceive of man’s interaction with his ecosystem. The latter is seen as the micro-representation of a whole, visible and invisible, but also past, present and future.

To anchor themselves and interact in harmony with the elements, human beings and the places where they live must strike a balance with the forces of Nature. Unhappiness, internal or relational tensions can be the symptom of an energetic imbalance that needs to be repaired.

That’s why we recommend regular energetic cleansing of people and places. Certain disciplines intervene by laying on of hands, fumigation or the use of energy-correcting colors and plants. The elements of nature, such as wood, water, fire and plants, play a key role in purifying the home.

Purifying candle, HOZHO collection.


When should you cleanse your home of energy?

Cleansing your home is essential at every stage of life, whether on a daily basis or during important events. A healthy energetic routine will raise your vibratory frequency, promote creativity, rest and kind thoughts.

When moving in

Cleansing your apartment or house when you move in is essential to free the premises from the energies of its former inhabitants. An energetic cleansing is essential to help you adapt to your new home and find your feet quickly.

In times of stress or sleep disorders

Exams, professional changes or the organization of an event can sometimes lead to periods of mental ruminations or insomnia. An energetic cleansing of your bedroom and rest areas can relieve your mind and body and help you cope with stressful periods.

Soothing conflicts

Conflicts in relationships are commonplace occurrences, but they should be a cause for concern when they are repeated. A poor flow of energy can lead to excessive tension, communication problems, distorted perceptions and heightened sensitivities. If disagreements in the home are excessive, irrational or permanent, cleansing your home of bad energy can help you find peace.

During an important life event

A move, a wedding, a birth or a death are all important stages in life, involving the recreation of a new vibratory harmony. Cleansing the energies in your home will help you to regain energetic balance.

Maintaining a healthy interior on a daily basis

Taking care of yourself also means taking care of your home! Regulating the energies in your home is essential for your metabolic and social well-being. The quality of our sleep, our appetite, our ability to communicate and create also depend on the energies that govern us. Seasonal changes, such as the solstices and equinoxes, are pivotal periods that mark a renewal of energies.

How to purify your home?

Despite differences in tradition, energy-cleansing rituals are common to many cultures. The layout of the home, air renewal, the fumigation of energetic plants and the introduction of natural elements form a common thread.

The key role of plants in energetic home cleansing

The smoke given off by certain plants as they burn has been known for centuries for its purifying and flow-regulating properties. Palo Santo and white sage, for example, were ceremonial plants with magical, protective and rebalancing properties for Amerindian peoples. Sandalwood, myrrh, benzoin, cedar, ladan, storax and amber incense, still used in churches today, have also been sacred plants for millennia. The Egyptians, Greeks and Romans used them in particular to connect with the other world, calm the spirit and purify places. A true link between the visible and invisible worlds, smoke unifies living beings with their spaces and harmonizes flows thanks to the active principles of plants.

In the feng shui tradition, plants also play a decisive role in attracting positive energies. These include orchids, which bring joy and fertility; bamboo, which brings good luck and is an energy catalyst; peace lilies, which purify the air; and aloe vera, which brings good fortune.

At HOZHO, we’ve drawn on the best of nature and ancestral wisdom to create a range of active-energy skincare products specifically for the home. Non-harmful and non-polluting, our unique creations offer a veritable olfactory journey that envelops your senses, purifying, harmonizing and protecting your home. The plants that make up our collections are organically grown, selected by an energeticist and macerated to create multiple synergies.

Purifying home fragrance and energetic candle, HOZHO collection.

Made in France, our energetic home care products are based on our in-depth knowledge of plants and their spiritual and vibratory benefits. You’ll find candles, sprays, diffusers and home fragrances with active properties designed to drive bad vibes out of your home and attract positive energies. The various combinations will help you regain calm and serenity, lift your spirits and relieve stress. Palo Santo, cedar, patchouli, oak, white sage, bamboo and rose are just some of the exceptional ingredients we’ve selected for our ranges.

Salt, vinegar and stones to cleanse your home of bad vibes

Salt is an ingredient used in many home purification rituals. It can be placed in a dish or mixed with water and vinegar and left in a room for several hours. The absorbing power of unrefined coarse salt is particularly recommended for bedrooms. It inhibits negative energies and protects against bad vibes.

Lithotherapy also plays a major role in cleansing spaces. Malachite, amethyst, rock crystal, celestine, jade, tourmaline, agate and tiger’s eye are just some of the minerals used to repel harmful waves. Their protective, amplifying, purifying or regulating role is sought to bring prosperity to the home.

Facilitating energy circulation with feng shui

A theory of well-being and harmony, feng shui is based on the principle of yin and yang. The layout of your home, and the materials and colors used, must be carefully chosen according to the space, to create harmony in your interior.

Natural materials such as wood, linen, cotton, wool, wickerwork and silk are ideal for correcting energies. Soft, earthy colors and pastel tones are recommended in rest areas, to calm the fire. Conversely, the kitchen or work areas can be energized with warm colors that awaken the spirit or facilitate communication.

To encourage the circulation of flows, feng shui recommends selecting furniture that is not too imposing, avoiding the visible accumulation of objects and airing rooms. Plants also play a major role in calming the mind and cleansing the air. Screens and electronic devices, as well as documents related to work or administrative obligations, should be kept away from bedrooms. In feng shui theory, this is a key factor, as a zen bedroom is the ideal place for restful and beneficial relaxation. The bed should be located away from the front door, and not near a window. Natural light is preferred during the day, with subdued lighting in the evening to help the mind rest.

As in aromatherapy, the olfactory sense is essential to generate a sense of calm and comfort. Choose natural home fragrances with woody or floral notes. Our dedicated ranges are designed to turn your home into a regenerating, protective cocoon. They will accompany your moments of sharing or introspection, instilling a feeling of infinite well-being.

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