Palo Santo and home purification

A sacred wood thousands of years old, Palo Santo is known in many cultures for its purifying and soothing properties. It is a living, bewitching material whose precious essence is renowned for its characteristic fragrance with energetic and spiritual virtues.

Palo Santo’s role in home purification is rooted in ancient traditions that have inspired our purifying home care ranges. Mystical, medicinal and a regulator of energy flows, this tree of a thousand virtues offers a unique olfactory and vibratory experience.

What is Palo Santo?

Extracted from the Bulnesia sarmientoi tree, Palo Santo is a wood whose color varies from pale yellowish to dark brown, depending on its age. It is widely used in Peru, Bolivia, Paraguay, Brazil and Argentina to make artefacts and essential oils, perfumes and resins.

Palo Santo is unique in that it is harvested exclusively from dead trees. As it decomposes, the wood secretes an aromatic oil evocative of incense, cedar, eucalyptus and lemon. Palo Santo is a highly coveted noble organic material that gives off a characteristically pleasant fragrance, with intense, woody and bewitching notes.

Renowned for its medicinal virtues, Palo Santo is also used by South American ethnic groups to treat skin wounds and stomach problems. Palo Santo essence, charcoal and decoctions are an integral part of the daily life of South America’s indigenous communities.

Palo Santo’s role in home purification

A sacred wood native to America, Palo Santo has been an integral part of shamanic rituals for centuries. The Incas already recognized its purifying and protective virtues, which enabled them to ward off negative energies and establish a spiritual dialogue with the gods.

When burned, Palo Santo releases an intoxicating herbaceous fragrance and a distinctive white smoke. The flames are also particularly clear. The inhabitants of these tribes have always used it to rebalance energies and ward off evil spirits.

purify home with palo santo

Purifying your home with Palo Santo helps ward off undesirable energies.

Palo Santo is mainly used in purification rites, but also in religious ceremonies such as weddings. It promotes well-being, serenity, inner calm and appeasement, and is often combined in fumigation with faster-burning white sage.

Brought back to Europe by the Spaniards, Palo Santo’s many benefits have since spread to our modern interiors. Appreciated for its purifying and energizing properties, it is used to attract positive energies, create a harmonious atmosphere, and calm the mind.

HOZHO scented and energetic treatments to purify your home.

Palo Santo and its spiritual virtues, like those of sage, are at the heart of our range of energetic scented treatments designed to purify your home. Purifying Flames, Rain and Breezes have been created to transform the energies of your living spaces, facilitating meditation, concentration and well-being.

Manufactured in France from top-quality materials, HOZHO home care products are inspired by ancestral rites and exceptional know-how. We work in synergy with Nature, passionately creating unique products dedicated to rebalancing the vital energies of your spaces.

palo santo purification

Purifying candles made from Palo Santo, white sage and bamboo.
Created by Les Flammes Purificatrices HOZHO

HOZHO candles, sprays and diffusers interact with the energy flows in your living spaces, emanating subtle, pleasant fragrances that release tension. They encourage spiritual connection and creativity and promote inner well-being and harmony.

A real treat for your senses, HOZHO energy treatments have a regulating effect. They expel negative energies from your home, facilitate the circulation of beneficial energies and reconnect you with your body and mind. They are ideal for use as part of a home purification ritual, as well as in everyday life, to create a protective, beneficial cocoon for relaxation and introspection.

HOZHO draws on ancestral rituals to create plant symbioses with powerful energetic properties. Our recipes are carefully crafted from plants harvested in the Basque Country. Grown with respect for the environment, our plants are selected by an energy specialist, then macerated and combined according to their active principles.

The combustion of our energy candles, made by a master candle-maker in the traditional way, is non-polluting and non-toxic. Diffusers and sprays bring the same purifying properties to your home or workplace.

At home, in the office or on the road, HOZHO home care products will bathe any space in calm and serenity. An inner journey to well-being to offer yourself and to share.

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